Doc's GPX Gold Screamer Power Pack - Free Shipping

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Doc's GPX Gold Screamer Power Pack - Free Shipping
The power pack includes two 7800 mAh Lithium ion batteries, one Gold Screamer amplifier, one deluxe AC/DC battery charger, and one control box cover with integrated pouch to house the battery and amplifier.  The battery weighs only14 ounces and will power the GPX for 7 to 8 hours.  The battery attaches to a mounting bracket on the back of the amplifier and provides the lightest and loudest power solution available for the GPX 4000, GPX 4500. GPX4800 or GPX 5000.
The number of connection points is the weakest part of any power system.  They can cause interference and problems with the actual connectors.  The fewer the number of connections required provides a better system.  With the Gold Screamer Power Pack there is only one connector and it plugs directly into the detector. 
The batteries provided with the Power Pack are so light that there is no need to wear a harness.  If you need to change the battery, instead of having to take the harness off and going to the truck to get another battery, just carry the extra battery with you, open the pouch on the cover and swap out the battery.  Experience the freedom of not being hooked up to your detector with the power cord and headphone cord. 
If you do not want to wear headphones all the time, an optional external speaker, which clips to the control box cover, is available.
Extra Battery - $50.00 
GPX Gold Screamer Power Pack Without the External Speaker - DGS01 - $469.00
GPX Gold Screamer Power Pack With External Speaker - DGS02 - $499.00