Coiltek 12' X 8" Elliptical DD Pro Submersible Coil

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Coiltek 12' X 8" Elliptical DD Pro Submersible Coil

12" X 8" Elliptical DD Pro for the Minelab SC, GP, and GPX detectors.

Weight: 1 lb. 11 oz.




  • Fully Submersible coil
  • Easily manoeuvred
  • Light weight
  • Excellent sensitivity to small targets
  • Fitted or solid skid plate available
  • Very robust design
  • Good depth capabilities
  • Works with discrimination function
  • Easy pinpointing
  • Includes Skid plate and Nut & Bolt


DD PRO operation hints & tips

The DD PRO Platypus has been very well received for the hunters who prospect in streams and creeks. Due to the elliptical shape it has been an excellent coil for pinpointing targets. Swinging with an overlapping sweep pattern is crucial to make sure the ground is covered well. When you have a target the slowly swing up to it from 2 different angles and when you start to hear the target it usually is 1 inch in from the nose of the coil.

DD coils quite often produce the signal just where the two windings overlap. The DD coil can handle the heavier mineralised areas quite easily so would be a good choice if you hunt in these regions. If you hunt in trashy areas then the DD will be the only coil to discriminate.